Protecting and Maintaining Carbon Fibre

Due to the nature of its composition, carbon fibre has a very distinct look, reflecting the light in a unique way and giving contrasting looks with other painted parts. If carbon fibre parts are neglected and not cleaned properly however, like any other parts they will begin to look tired and can let down the overall look of the car. 

Our carbon fibre parts have a clear coated finish to seal the carbon fibre itself and to help protect it from harmful UV rays which can lead to fading, environmental debris, cloudiness and yellowing.

For this we highly recommend washing your carbon fibre parts with a wax based shampoo and cleaning them in a cool shaded area to prevent any cleaning products & water residues from drying onto the surface and leaving stains.

After cleaning and any prep work have been undertaken, carbon fibre can be polished to remove any light scratches and swirl marks and generally restore the surface.

An all-in-one polish product would be ideal to use, but if your carbon fibre parts are heavily swirled or oxidized a more abrasive polish product can be used to restore it. The polishes can be applied either by hand or machine, if necessary.

After polishing, carbon fibre parts should be protected just like paintwork, for the same reasons. Any synthetic sealant or natural wax product can be used, but there are also designated waxes available now that are actually engineered and manufactured specifically for carbon fibre to help bring out the absolute best in the clarity of the weave and reflections of the clear coat.

After carbon fibre has been initially cleaned, decontaminated, polished and protected, it should be regularly maintained along with the rest of the car by simply washing with a wax-based shampoo, re-waxing or sealing as the protection level diminishes and intermittently maintained with a detailing spray and microfiber towel. A soft vacuum brush attachment and soft bristled detailing brushes should be used to dust the surfaces off. They can also be waxed to help accentuate the weave and enhance reflections.